How to Establish a Writing Habit

Detail from Princess of Lamballe by Anton Hickel, 1788 at the Liechtenstein Museum, Vienna

Writing is the foundation you’ll build your success upon. Believe me. Whether you’re working on a business plan, a marketing kit, looking to start a blog, a newsletter or write an ebook… writing is always the first step.It can be daunting for various reasons. Yet, it’s worth the effort. First, your thinking will get clearer.… Continue reading How to Establish a Writing Habit

Report and Curate With the Same Passion

Detail from “Strawberry Picking” by bigbirdz. Creative Commons License BY.

Recently, I wrote about the focus on original reporting that online magazines such as and Gawker have decided to develop. According to this article by David Skok, these changes in editorial strategies are normal and have historical precedents: TIME magazine went through a similar transformation.Skok, therefore, concludes that “the aggregators of today will be the… Continue reading Report and Curate With the Same Passion