Étiquette : Website management

  • Who is responsible for staff profile pages?

    Team member profiles or biographies can be found on many organisations’ sites. For most of them, employees are the best resource and, also, the best ambassadors. A college, for example, must have visible teaching staff members to attract students and funders as well. Worth it? There are, obviously, exceptions. A few companies like Brain Traffic […]

  • One-person web teams are cheap not inexpensive

    Single-person web teams might seem like a great bargain but they’re not. They tend to become stuck in a content uploader role which is bad both from an HR and day-to-day business perspective. When discussions and collaboration happen in another realm, the one-person web team only gets e-mails with attachments or content copy-pasted for immediate […]

  • Get Started With Web Analytics Without Throwing Your Arms Up

    Get Started With Web Analytics Without Throwing Your Arms Up

    The web is a place for connection and wonder. But it is also a place for measurements, lots of measurements. With all the numbers flying around our heads, web and social analytics tools used to make me throw my arms up in the air. They can tally: how many followers, favourites and RTs you get […]