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  • Let Readers Discover Your Publication’s Personality

    Let Readers Discover Your Publication’s Personality

    At first, I used simply as an aggregator of links from all the people I followed. Of course, to an outsider, the group of people I follow looks random. No wonder I am the only regular reader of my first paper. To experiment further, I made another paper about content strategy. I thought that […]

  • Content Marketing for Small Businesses

    Content Marketing for Small Businesses

    Content marketing is the buzzword of the week. Yet, it has always existed: under different names, spread by different means. When a farmer talks with his customers about the compared merits of different crops on the market floor, it is content marketing already. He helps his customers make better sense of the world in a […]

  • Context-free content: new challenges for publishers

    Publishers used to control the way content was experienced. Designers read and put content in tailored layouts. Content was produced and laid out for consumption on paper and later on desktop computers. The experience could be controlled but the content landscape is changing. First, an ever expanding portion of audiences access content through mobile devices. […]

  • Presenting Pearls: Stakes of Content Discovery

    Presenting Pearls: Stakes of Content Discovery

    Users of fast growing services face challenges discovering relevant content. To address these challenges is hard because relevance is an ever evolving concept which depends on the context. When the user has a clear goal or specific question, relevance is straight forward: that’s how we got search engines. But it is less obvious to address […]

  • Content Rivers and Information Gluttony

    Content Rivers and Information Gluttony

    As the festive season was drawing to a close, I –like a large portion of the online population– became concerned about ending the cycle of over-eating. The sense of satiety is easy to numb and hard to get back. It is not only true for food but also for content. Non-physical items can lead to […]

  • The limits of automation and the curator’s role

    The limits of automation and the curator’s role

    Frank posted earlier about Popping the Filter Bubble, arguing that there wasn’t a real problem. Although, as he argues, the concerns about the filter bubble are framed as a conflict to sell the idea, it doesn’t mean the filter bubble is not a real and potentially problematic phenomenon. As he shows using the example of […]

  • Wrap Your Content Around Regular Events

    How do you ensure your content flows continuously? Publishing around current events, seasons and holidays are a great place to start. News organizations are masters at this. No example shines brighter than the month of December. Year after year, they run stories about Christmas decorations. More recently, they’ve put a “green” spin to it by […]

  • Inject Gameplay into Your Content

    Gamification is a very popular term with web product managers these days. It designates the introduction of game mechanics into seemingly unrelated products and processes. With the success of social video games such as Farmville and services such as Foursquare which give you points and badges to reward engagement, social gaming mechanics have arrived in the […]

  • On or Off? How to Make Comments Work for You

    I was prompted to think about the costs and value of comments after reading a post about the latest changes made to Gawker’s comment management system in which Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media, laments the poor state of comments sections. Engagement is difficult to get and even more difficult to keep. Whether you get no comments at all […]