News and Links in Bulk, 2018-07-20

1/ ‘Baby University’ books aim to inspire, but might turn kids off on reading (via @medmouad). Technology and science are fantastic. Senseless rationalism (which is different from rationality) is not. Enchantments and stories are vitally important. Books about animals, fairies, folk tales… they’re integral to our humanity (which is worth cherrishing).

2/ Survival of the Richest – Future Human – Medium (via @SkyNebula). The most powerful people in the world prefer bracing themselves for the collapse of our systems and the end of the species rather than rethink our economy and society. Escape into a bunker, by uploading one’s consciousness in a computer, or going to Mars seem to be the best plan they can come up with. They dream of leaving humanity behind and become something else because for them, enchantments and stories aren’t worth fighting for.

3/ The Storm Is the New Pizzagate — Only Worse (via Do By Friday Podcast). Sometimes, stories can be real fucked up.

4/ What Is QAnon? The Craziest Theory of the Trump Era, Explained (via Do By Friday Podcast). Real fucked up.

5/ Peterson’s Complaint. Laurie Penny’s inflamed prose is always a jolt of energy. I love it.

6/ How to Tell the Bad Men From the Good Men (via @stephtara). The world is super confusing.

7/ Inside China’s Dystopian Dreams: A.I., Shame and Lots of Cameras (via @bibiweb).

8/ The Chinese Powerhouse That Scares Banks—and Wants to Make Them Customers.

9/ Woke Progressivism’s Glaring Religion Gap (via @JulienHirt1)

10/ Facial recognition technology is finally more accurate in identifying people of color. Could that be used against immigrants?

11/ Blog: Through the lens of ‘Dragon Blade’: Rethinking “East” and “West” in a Classics film course (via @SarahEBond)

12/ Reading Joan Didion in California Restaurants. I love Sara Benincasa’s prose. There’s something in the rythm and syntax of this piece I find reminiscent of Eve Babitz; or maybe it’s Southern California. Maybe both. Probably both. I haven’t read Joan Didion and I shall.

13/ Just Write 500 Words. Yeah, yeah. But how do you fight the despair?

14/ Man Who Thought He’d Lost All Hope Loses Last Additional Bit Of Hope He Didn’t Even Know He Still Had (via @KarenMcGrane).