News and Links in Bulk, 2017-11-24

Molly Crabapple, an artist and writer I admire and already wrote about here, authored and illustrated an article entitled Puerto Rico’s DIY Disaster Relief. The way US authorities have abandoned their own is heart-wrenching but their efforts and sense of community are hopeful and beautiful.

Follow up. I shared links about the end of the Gothamist blog on November 3 when the owner shut down the website in response to the staff’s decision to join a union. Now, the New-Yorker publishes The Story Behind the Unjust Shutdown of Gothamist and DNAinfo (via Rob Hinchcliffe). It’s awful and sad.

In our “Facebook is terrible” series, Sara Wachter-Boettcher signs an other great piece for The Guardian which starts by unpacking how the company is proposing to fight against revenge porn by asking for people’s nude pictures. An Opinion piece in the NYT states that Facebook makes minimal (sometimes cosmetic) efforts to solve its problems until the bad press goes away (via maggielmcg).

From the very bottom of my to-read pile, this article about Los Angeles cemeteries is brilliant and sunny (via Ann Friedman’s newsletter from October 28, 2016). Time takes a strange ethereal quality under the California sun and so does death – although it remains inescapable.

On the more ‘web professional’ side, another from the bottom of the to-read pile, Reclaiming Social: Content Strategy for Social Media by Ida Aalen and Ida Jackson is a most useful and always relevant primer on how to organize social media profiles.