News and Links in Bulk, 2017-11-23

Brad Frost explains how he wrote a book and self-published it in public.

An old Medium post resurfaced in the email digest because people I follow clapped to revive it. I Had a Baby and Cancer When I Worked at Amazon. This Is My Story. It’s a chilling account of the hurdles women face in many workplaces.

A few years ago, transparency radicals were singing Julian Assange’s praise. I didn’t join them too loudly because his motives always seemed questionable. Even during the 2016 U.S. election, acquaintances continued telling me he was victim of a slander campaign and not a Trump supporter. We Knew Julian Assange Hated Hillary Clinton. We Didn’t Know He Was Secretly Advising Trump. Glad that’s settled.

Ancient data, modern math and the hunt for 11 lost cities of the Bronze Age (via Nicole). Interesting digital humanities approach to archeology problems.

Scathing reviews and violent take-downs can be a delight to read and perform a useful function in the book world as episode #18 of Public Intellectual points out. In the show notes, which you can get access to by becoming a Patreon patron, there were great examples of negative reviews published by Bookslut. Here’s one example:  All Hail Salman Rushdie. All Hail Joseph Anton.

Scientists just sent messages to advanced alien civilizations and they’re hoping to hear back in 25 years (via Renee).