News and links in Bulk, 2017-10-29

Do not believe the people who insert themselves in between you and your audience to extract the value. Keep blogging on your own self-hosted blog. Not on Medium. Blogging isn’t about being read but about writing and thinking anyway.

Amazon could choose its new corporate headquarters by doing their own research. That wouldn’t be much fun. Instead, they organize a contest to see how much city governments will humiliate themselves before their corporate might (via Ron Bronson). Shoving tax dollars down Amazon’s deep pockets isn’t enough. You gotta do it in style.

In other very late capitalism news, this tweet by @cinemashoebox was very funny.

Libraries transform and serve contemporary needs if they’re given the means and opportunities. They can totally become the third-places that we crave. We need to fund them and allow them to serve their communities in new ways.

In audio. I love Public Intellectual with Jessa Crispin. Last week’s episode centered around abolishing marriage. Married couples shouldn’t be the base unit of our society and our gold standard. We should totally topple marriage from its pedestal. As well as employment.