News and Links in Bulk, 2017-10-20

Mike Monteiro wrote an intense and thoughtful piece about Twitter, its problems and the huge blind spots of founders and executives at the helm there.

Remaining on the subject. Debbie Chachra writes about how design decisions from Twitter’s early days have precipitated context collapse and, in turn, harrassment.

Still related. Silicon Valley’s belief in meritocracy validates their unwillingness to listen to diverse perspectives, writes Sara Wachter-Boettcher on LinkedIn.

On a ligher note. A new session of Magic in the Middle Ages by the University of Barcelona starts on Coursera on October 23. The course is a short, sweet (and, at times, intense) overview. If you’re interested and have a little spare time, I strongly encourage you to participate. I followed the course and got certification in January.

On Writing and Editing. Terry McDonell on the Origin of ‘Gonzo’ and Late Night Calls from Hunter S. Thompson  (through a retweet from Bonnie Burton). It’s a poignant piece about reading your own prose aloud and having a great relationship with your editor.

I cried and laughed watching Patton Oswalt’s heart-wrenching and hilarious Annihilation, his latest special on Netflix. Then, I read his interview on the AVClub.