Naked Lunch: looking beyond the question of merit

People keep arguing about the status of Naked Lunch but this question is the least interesting about that novel.

Marcher pour la Science

J'ai été à la marche pour la science avec des amis. C'était sympa.

Mastodon, décentralisation et pluralité pour le vivre ensemble

Mastodon est un nouveau réseau social basé sur un outil libre et ouvert.

Fausses prémisses du transhumanisme

Le discours sur la transhumanisme dans les médias m'agace. C'est souvent très superficiel et assez ridicule.

Should Academics Try Twitter?

Yes, they should know and use social media tools. Here's why.

What is social media anyway?

Let's have a succinct look back at the roots of the social web. Come with me.

Is WordPress indie web? Should I publish on Medium?

The sirens of Medium are charming and I start worrying that WordPress isn't roots enough.

“Béton armé” de Philippe Rahmy

Ce livre de Philippe Rahmy est un fabuleux bijou. Court, précis, renversant.

“Drawing Blood” by Molly Crabapple

Molly Crabapple's memoir is very good. You should read it.

“The Dead Ladies Project” by Jessa Crispin

A wonderful piece of criticism, an enticing tale of solo travel and a megotiation with the world and the self.

Delayed reading and the pace of modern life

I can’t recall exactly how I became aware of Jessa Crispin’s work. Artists usually enter my consciousness through social media, interviews or recommendations from Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings...

A few good links, 2016-09-08

We have the day off in Geneva. Here are a few good links… Theranos’s story shows Silicon Valley is terrible and we should think twice before mimicking it. White...