Is WordPress indie web? Should I publish on Medium?

We spend more and more of our time in walled gardens owned by private companies: still love Twitter, ever ambivalent about Facebook, on LinkedIn out of obligation to HR departments everywhere, reading on Medium. Yet, I still think we should maintain independent spaces. So I blog here (albeit not regularly enough).

But. Is this important? Does it really make a difference? I use the default theme of WordPress. WordPress, even though it is open source, is heavily influenced by its parent company Automattic. It is becoming a default because it powers about a quarter of all websites and plans to conquer more. It is convenient but it is eating the web too and its open source nature isn’t enough to give me warm fuzzy feelings about it any more.

Waterhouse, John William; A Mermaid; Royal Academy of Arts;

John William Waterhouse, A Mermaid (1900).

I hear the sirens of calling. Their song is loud and melodious. 300 people follow me over there without me having published a word on the platform. When I compare these numbers with the analytics of this site, the potential seems very clear.

Am I shooting myself in the foot? If I were to make the jump, what would I publish here and what on Medium?

Because one does write to be read. Sometimes, you know, readers are nice.

I could scrap WordPress, transfer all the worthy content to a flat-files CMS like all the webdev hipsters do. Would that be roots enough to satisfy that part of me? Would it make a difference in the grand scheme of things? It might make my site faster for sure but it would do zlitch to get me more readers.

It all comes down to two questions: Is self-hosting WordPress indie web? If not, what would be? Are these concerns genuine or am I just hiding?

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  1. Chris Aldrich · octobre 8 is DEFINITELY IndieWeb compatible!! If you want to get started take a look at and for more details.

    While the siren song of Medium seems strong, you don’t necessarily own it all and can’t control it to the extent you can on your own site. I’d recommend checking out IndieWeb-ifying your WordPress install and leverage the value of your existing social networks like Medium, Twitter, Facebook, et al by syndicating your content from WordPress to those other sites. Medium has a good WordPress plugin for copying (selectively at your discretion) your content from WordPress to Medium quickly and easily. Even better, the IndieWeb portion that covers WebMentions brings the comments and likes from many corporate silos back to the comment section of your posts — this way you own not only the parts you wrote and put on the silos, but you’ll also own the comments too!

    I’ve supercharged my WordPress install with IndieWeb tools and now use it as my primary hub on the internet for writing and responding. I don’t spend as much time on Facebook and Twitter as all the comments I want to see on my own material come back directly to me.

    If it helps, follow the advice of Dave Winer: Anywhere but Medium.

    If you need help, don’t hesitate to find any of the helpful folks at IndieWeb:

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