Pre-NaNoWriMo training: first lessons

It’s day 7 of my pre-NaNoWriMo training session. The challenge is to write 1700 words every day for 31 consecutive days. It’s already been very interesting to see myself get back into writing and force more output.

One of the lessons is that the environment doesn’t foster low pressure, write-as-an-exercise endeavours. I’ve been working for 7 days and using the #amwriting hashtag for the same amount of time. During that week, my follower count increased dramatically.

All the self-publishing gurus

The accounts that follow me increase the pressure. I’ve been followed by self-published authors marketing their books (that’s really the good part). But there’s also accounts that give me advice on self-publishing, want to help me market my book. I even been followed by a company who proposes to book “virtual” book tours for me.

Remember, I am only in the first week of a month-long challenge at the end of which I’ll have — if all goes well — about two thirds of a raw first draft with plot holes the size of the moon. Now that is ridiculous!

The direction I am going

What’s also bizarre is that I set on a course to get out of schemas and premeditated stories and it seems my mind follows furrows that have been dug during my previous attempt at noveling in French one or two years back.

The change of language and forced writing pace unlocked some things though. The plot is still not that tight and well thought out but I checked my Inner Editor at the kennels of NaNoWriMo. “We’ll see” is my mantra.

I still don’t know if the furrows from the previous attempt help me or hinder me. I’d wager that they hinder me as I write a little slower in parts that seem clearer in my mind — just like Chris Baty wrote in his book.

As for the day’s progress. It’s time to start with my day job and I haven’t reached one percent yet. I am a little burned out because I went out last night (the sin!) and then wrote the last 50% of the day’s word count in a hurry before midnight.

We’ll see.

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