“Blogging with WordPress” meetup


Last Tuesday, I was in a blogging workshop presented by Stephanie Booth. She first covered the basics. Her three main points were:

  • Blogs are ante-chronological websites that don’t necessarily need a rigid thematic organisation.
  • They can also encourage communication between the author and the readers when the tone is right.
  • When blogging software came on the scene, these solutions were the first to offer a way to publish on the web without knowing HTML.

Stephanie explained the rationale for blogging. Someone may blog to amass content for themselves and/or document their expertise in public. Both have documented benefits.

She summarized that by listing three main reasons to blog:

  1. Inform
  2. Share
  3. Denounce

We quickly toured a few personal and company blogs. Then, she showed the participants how to create a post and edit it using keyboard shortcuts. She encouraged us to follow along on our own blogs.

I always admired how she seldom touches the mouse while editing. I never took the time to make link-creation keyboard shortcuts into a habit. Part of the problem is that they change for every OS/browser combination. I use three OSes and, at least, two browsers on each. It is a convenient excuse, isn’t it? But anyway… I figured it out for Firefox/Ubuntu: it’s "Start" key + Shift + A. So, I’ll save precious seconds on each link. Thanks, Stephanie 🙂

We also went through the “Preferences”. There I noticed that my blog’s time zone was set on GMT+1 instead of Zurich which means that it didn’t support daylight savings time as Patricia pointed out. I also realized that nested comments where active. Oh, the horror! I fixed both issues on the spot.

It was, once again, a great evening of WordPress-based conversations. She succeeded in adapting her workshop to our 40 minutes format which was in itself a challenge. Regulars as well as newcomers seemed happy. After the meetup, we had a great time at the restaurant.

Would you care to join us next time?