Curation for Brands in Context

In her Content Curation Tools For Brands essay, Therese Torris shows how content curation works. She lists the different tools at our disposal and what each of them is suitable for. Among many pieces of insight, the following remark pleased me most.

Content curation is no panacea for failing content creation. Curated content supplements original brand content, it cannot replace it. If a brand has no story to tell, no original content, no topics to share with its audience and no Social Media strategy, content curation will only increase the overall online noise level.

Yes! Useful content curation must be contextualized — in two ways. First, it needs context for the audience and, second, it should take place within a smart web content strategy.

Put Curation in Context For Audiences

I have already touched upon this topic when I explained how to use the editor’s note in at their community blog. It would seem the majority of curators separate curation form storytelling. You decide to curate out of interest for a topic. There’s a story to be told about your interest. Telling the story of your interest and your efforts to inform will grant a welcome coherence to your finds.

Curation in the Context of a Content Strategy

She does call for strategic thinking in her conclusion. I do not think it goes far enough. Content marketing works under the assumption that there’s, as she put it, a “content marketing imperative of increasing the brand’s visibility and its customer engagement”. Visibility and engagement seldom drive sales and profits on their own. The use of such words may be the reason why some executives have trouble grasping the importance of their involvement in publishing.

Targeted publishing efforts complement and draw attention to a company’s offerings. Curation as well as any publication should advance both business goals and consumer goals. Educating your consumers and partners about your industry, in the right tone and through the right channels will give you an advantage. Helping those around you understand your industry is a great relationship building strategy. Moreover, they will understand your offerings’ value more thoroughly and decide to buy with more confidence.

Hence, you should consider starting to create helpful content for the web. There are a number of professionals who might be able to help you with this, myself included.