My Entry for the “Exquisite Corpse of Science” project

Lately, Andrew Maynard, the author of, shared his excitement about a new science engagement technique experimented by Tim Jones. The technique uses graphical exquisite corpse to make people think about science. The “Exquisite Corpse of Science” movie relating the experiment had such an impact that Tim Jones opens the project to everyone.

When I heard about it yesterday, I decided not to watch television and draw my entry immediately instead.

My Entry for The Exquisite Corpse of Science Project

Judging by my drawing, I am concerned by:

  • the possibility of an unknown and unmonitored asteroid hitting Earth,
  • space shuttle “Endeavour” which is now on the STS-127 mission and represents space exploration in general,
  • particle physics and the LHC (which I represented the best way I could and) which is not so far from where I live,
  • flying purple balls with purple aliens inside them,
  • giant robots taking over and destroying cities with their laser eyes alone,
  • and… climate change, in no particular order.

I encourage you to draw your own entry, it’s nothing but fun ! See the instructions Tim Jones gives on his blog. Quick tip: If, like me, you have a A4 scanner, the biggest square you can scan is 21×21 centimetres and the thirds are each 7 centimetres long.

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