“A Vision of Students Today” and bits of following discussions

The recent National Teacher of the Year award won by Michael Wesch gives me the opportunity to post a link to his famous video “A Vision of Students Today” and the accompanying text. This video has been posted all over the blogosphere at the time and triggered an impressive amount of interesting thoughts regarding college education in today’s world.

Every person lecturing today should take five minutes to see it. Most of my teachers seem to have ambivalent feelings and thoughts regarding the cloud of digital information that surrounds us. This creates a climate of ambiguity that is sometimes difficult to live in. I really hope we could have more open and broad discussions about these issues in Switzerland. Maybe helping spread this video will make it possible.

In the English speaking part of the internet, discussions about these issues do take place publicly. Here are a few examples of the posts I read and thought were worth sharing:

Again, if you know more posts discussing Michael Wesch’s ideas and adding value, you are encouraged to link to them in the comments.